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Learn How To Tattoo & Pierce Multi-Disc Sets & Backpiece Combo

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Learn How To Tattoo Multi-Disc DVD Set & Back Piece DVD & Body Piercing Mulit-Disc DVD Set-

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Beginner to Advanced Tattoo & Body Piercing Intsructional DVD Videos Combo

These videos are registered with the Canadian Government

and are in the Canadian Library Archives!


Learn How To Tattoo


Learn How To Tattoo DVD Videos

Now Over 12 hrs of High Quality Tattoo Apprenticeship Video!

Gary Gray jr. Famous Tattoo Artist

1. Tools of the Trade - shows and describes all the proper and necessary tool's you will need to perform diligently in a safe and effective tattoo environment.
2. Setting Up Your Workstation - set-up a functioning tattoo area, properly disinfect all vital  surfaces of your area & descriptions of different types of tools and materials needed.
3. Parts of the Tattoo Machines - Every part and function of the tattoo machine is explained .
4. Set Up & Tune your Tattoo Machines - proper way to set up your machine to run at its fullest potential.
5. Sterilization Processes - use of an ultrasonic cleaner, using an autoclave, cleaning of tattoo supplies, the sterilization process, a description of supplies , clean room management skills, charting of materials, surface disinfection.
6. Making Stencils, Line Drawing and Stencil Spray! - our secret formula to our stencil spray that prevents cross contamination and produces a rock solid stencil that will last the entire time of the tattoo without wiping off!
7. The Banana - basic concepts in practice tattooing, without harming your friends and damaging your reputation.
8. Blood & Gray Lining - the importance & the uses of a bloodline and a  gray line; the techniques and the proper application for each.
9. Black & Gray Tattooing - the fine art of using one color to make anything come to life.
10. Tattoo Restoration - The Do's and the Dont's of reworking a tattoo.
11. Cover Up Tattoo/Asian Waterfall - the proper way to do a cover-up.
12. Aftercare & Consent Forms Explained - we explain the importance of paperwork, show you examples, ideas and resources for making the most of your new business.
13. Freehand Color Background Shading - The art of color shading is essential for tattooing. It allows you to blend colors uniformly and bring your tattoos to life.
14. Portrait Tattoo by Gary Gray jr. -  explaining the fundamentals of a portrait:  including shading options,  techniques such as needle choices, proper shading, highlighting, background shading, making a line drawing and stencil for a portrait. The entire process from start to finish.
15. Floral Tattooing 1 - Lotus Flower -  a floral tattoo from start to finish. Starting with the application of the stencil into line work, shading of the tattoo, coloring of the tattoo and highlighting.
16. Color Background Shading - how to bring a tattoo to life with vibrant color background shading.
17. Full Color Skull Tattoo - how to create a full color skull tattoo from applying the stencil to the finished product!
18. Black & Gray Skull Tattoo - demonstrating styles of shading, highlights, Shadows, texture and some blood lining.
19. Black & Gray Background Shading - techniques that can be used to add a whole new look to your tattoos or preexisting tattoos.
20. Cover Up Tattoo 2 - Seamless Heart - we will explain and show you in great detail the complete process of creating a seamless cover up tattoo.
21. Portrait Tattoo by Paul Miller - This is the holy grail black and gray tattooing. The secrets of doing a blood lined portrait from start to finish.
22. Tattooing a Lady/Tattoo Etiquette -  shows you the process of tattooing a women. The Do's and Don'ts of the process and some basic tattoo skills used that will keep you making money in the tattoo industry.
23. Floral Tattooing 2/The Cherry Blossom - This is a must for every tattoo artist, as floral tattooing is a major part of the everyday tattoo curriculum and this help you in the understanding basic color concept of shading and coloring a tattoo.
24. The Dragon Tattoo - black and gray tattooing, using magnum needles as a shading tool, It also incorporates the use of color highlights and white accents.


Over 200 Pages!

1. Advanced tattoo process

2. Basic tattoo process

3. Health risks

4. Mag needles and shading

5. Preparing for the tattoo

6. Skin preparation and stencil application

7. Sterilization and processes

8. Tattoo aftercare and healing

9. Tattoo history

10. Tattoo lifestyle

11. Tattoo machine description

12. Tattoo meanings

13. Tattoo shop etiquette

14. Tattoo sterilization

15. Tools of the trade and tattoo machine part 2

Asian Back Piece DVD

Learn from the World's Most Trusted Source of Step by Step Instructional Body Art Training.

The tattoo industries best kept secrets revealed. Step by step instructional tattoo videos show and explain everything clearly on how the techniques, tools, and colors are used to create a stunning masterpiece.These techniques can be easily used for any back piece tattoo. Learn how to bring it all together and start making the big money in the industry with the International School of Body Art and Gary Gray Jr.

Session 1: To begin we explain why & for what reasons they designs were chosen. Then we show how then stencils were made and how to apply them. After the back is measured and marked, Gary applies the stencils and begins tattooing the outlines of the Oni mask, the tiger and the waterfall & the koi fish & warrior scenes. Every needle is explained throughout this entire session and all sessions on this DVD. Every color used and why. Every technique and how master that technique.

Session 2: In session two we sketch on the background with a sharpie for you to get a general idea of how to accomplish this feat with any back piece tattoo. Gary then bloodlines and explains in detail every step of creating the background and why.

Session 3: In this session we show the techniques of shading used for the entire background. We show and explain in detail how to create the same stunning effects, several different ways. Creating a master back piece with traditional shading and colors is a must to know!

Session 4: The coloring begins! We start with the "Oni Mask", otherwise known as the "Devil Mask" which originates from ancient traditional Japanese mythology. Master shading and coloring techniques shown. These secrets are revealed with precise and clear cinematography and explanations.

About the Oni Mask:

The Oni is the demon of Japanese folklore. It takes on many other names, sometimes referred to as a devil. Unlike most western cultures, the Oni is not necessarily seen as an evil being. It is said to be of a dual nature, meaning it's powers can be good or evil, depending on if it likes the subject it attaches itself too. Oni are credited with with bringing good health, safety, peace and avoiding disaster. A typical Oni mask has horns, bulging eyes, a sinister looking smile and sharp teeth. Sometimes, it is shown in a form that looks more like a skull. This represents a very black and white image of transition. A representation that good is leaning toward evil, or that evil is trying to become good. Often, Oni masks will have hair. If one could break away from the traditional impression that the demon is an instrument of evil, it would make the Oni a more widely accepted good luck symbol.

Session 5: The tiger & the waterfall scene. How to create a life like traditional style tiger and moving waterfall! How to properly blend, shade and apply the colors mentioned in the video. Illusion and skin tones effects are your best friend in the segment. The tiger can represent competition.

Session 6: In session six we show & tell the techniques used for the "Midori Koi" koi fish and warrior scene. We begin by throwing color into the koi tail and show the techniques that will be used in and for that piece. When all is said and done and the master back piece is finished. Gary then goes back to explain how and why certain things were done in this back piece tattoo and goes over a few things he would have like to have done so that you may use those secrets and suggestions as well. This is hands down the best advanced tattooing video in the International School of Body Art's tattoo instructional series.

Gary was paid by an actual client $2800 usd for this tattoo. You are about to learn the secrets and techniques to do this yourself! Step by Step!

Running Time: 6hrs 11 Minutes 7 Seconds

6 Sessions / Video Segments

Based on 25 original hrs & 8 sessions of tattooing over a 3 month period.

Learn how to body pierce with the International School of Body Art. 34 "Hollywood Style" body piercing videos.

1. Tools of the trade - describes all the proper and necessary tool's you will need to perform in a safe and effective environment.
2. Piercing needles, dermal punches & tapers - Needles are the Main tool that you will using during your Body Piercing career.  Dermal Punches and Tapers are also a must.
3. Piercing jewelry - explains how each piece of Body Jewelry functions and how the jewelry can be used.
4. Sterilization - use of an ultrasonic cleaner, using an autoclave, cleaning of Piercing supplies, the sterilization process, a description of supplies , clean room management skills, charting of materials, surface disinfection.
5. Aftercare & consent forms - release forms and aftercare explained.
6. Setting up your workstation - explains how to organize your work area to optimal conditions.
7. Setting up for a piercing - what you will need in your work area to perform better as a piercer and what to use in your work area.
8. Dual male nipple piercing - are a fairly common piercing that you will be required to do on a regular basis.
9. Double dimple piercing - a unique and very tricky body piercing to perform correctly.
10. Nape piercing - a really popular piercing on the back of the neck, one of the easier of the surface piercings to perform.
11. Dual female nipple piercing - Female nipple piercings are another fairly common piercing, so we tackle this with all of the knowledge you will need as a piercer.
12. Anti-tragus piercing - a surface piercing that is very hard to manipulate and get positioned correctly, so we show you step by step.
13. Lower navel piercing - one of the most popular ear piercings done in the industry.
14. Custom industrial piercing - one of the most popular ear piercings done in the industry.
15. Tongue piercing - The tongue piercing is a very popular, yet dangerous piercing.
16. Nostril piercing- Another super trendy piercing, performed with ease and explained in great detail to make you the talk of the town.
17. Lower lip piercing - proper placement and jewelry selection is key to this piercing.
18. Septum piercing - is believed to be one of the more painful piercings.
19. Dual skin staples - Extreme Body Piercing!.
20. Two taper ear stretch - in this video you will learn how do it correctly and help your client get to the gauge the desire.
21. Vertical hood piercing - Any type of genital piercing should not be taken lightly!
22. Horizontal hood piercing - Pay close attention as this is something you do not want to take a chance with.
23. Basic Ear Lobe Piercing - a common piercing and some people use older methods of a piercing gun, this is outdated and barbaric!
24. Dermal Punch - the coolest thing since sliced bread, but should only be used by someone who has a very good understanding of the human body.
25. Eyebrow Piercing - There are a few risks with this piercing, we will sow you how to place the jewelry safely.
26. Head Markings - dedicated to Marking for each piercing on the head of a person.
27. Basic Tear Down & Clean Up - Cleaning and disposing of all of your materials after a piercing
28. Female Body Markings - dedicated to marking and performing procedures on the female body.
29. Reverse Prince Albert Piercing - Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
30. Basic Navel Piercing - the bread and butter of your career! A simple and very popular piercing.
31. Tragus Piercing - when done correctly will be as easy as putting a hot knife in butter.
32. Snake Bites Piercing - very popular yet easy to do piercing. Be careful!
33. Christina Piercing - a pubic surface piercing, that adds a touch of class and mystery to a person.
34. Dermal Anchors - a fairly newer piercing that requires special tools.

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