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ADVANCED Multi-Disc Tattoo DVD Set

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Learn How To Tattoo DVD Sale

 King Tut

This tattoo is prime example on how to incorporate colors into the tattoo to add a look of reflection into the piece. King Tut is a fairly complex piece, The color blending demonstrated in this video shows the blending into shading to achieve a smooth transition over a multi session from start to finish.

The Crow ( Bird )

Tattooing a bird can be done in many ways, this videos shows a traditional old school approach to black and gray, with the compliments of a warm gray color and the addition of white to ad depth and texture to the tattoo. This tattoo also has some traditional black roses added into the tattoo that are also tattooed in the same manner.

The Crow ( Brandon Lee ) Color blending method

When it comes to tattooing, having more options in color is always a plus for the tattoo artist and the client, this video demonstrates a color blending technique used by many of today’s top artists. You will learn how to achieve colors that are only possible by using this method and this method alone will improve your color blending skills more then you can only imagine.


Every so often a client will have a tattoo idea that is really fun to do, this tattoo will demonstrate basic line work, line weight, shading with pure black to achieve color highlights and texture. Color blending and multi color highlights and light source reference.

The Lucky Skull

Having the ability to use odd colors to achieve a certain look is something every tattoo artist should  mess around with, In this video a traditional design of a skull is tattooed using a series of odd colors together to achieve a tattoo that will stand out from the rest of the tattoos in a crowd.

Real Life Portrait #1

This is a tribute to Gary’s father, in this video, Gary is getting the tattoo instead of doing them for you. The video is a complete walk through of a portrait tattoo from start to finish using multiple black and gray techniques, and white highlight to bring the tattoo to life.

Tommy Chong

Tattooing a face does not have to always be done portrait style, in this  video the tattoo is brought to life using a broad spectrum of styles, shading, and color blending. The additional highlights are explained as a option to create your unique look within a tattoo.
Back round shading is used to accentuate the tattoo and add a look of confusion to the tattoo. This tattoo was brought in by the client and I really enjoyed tattooing it.


We will all be faced with a request from a friend at some point in our career to do a tattoo for them that has meaning to them. This tattoo goes way beyond that and brings to life a drug induced hallucination from the clients child hood and life experiences to form the tattoo you will witness from start to finish.
The tattoo demonstrates line work, shading, color blending with unique colors, to achieve a look described by the client.

Hand Skull – Tattoo Restoration

Touch ups are something we all have to do, this is a touch up and redo of a tattoo that I did awhile ago and I will bring the tattoo back to life by adding colors on top of colors and additional details to make the tattoo look better then the day the it was originally done.

Real Life Portrait #2

This is another portrait tattoo, it shows one of 3 portraits demonstrated from start to finish using a wide variety of needles and techniques to achieve the look of a family picture on the clients shoulder area.
This tattoo is done with gray wash to achieve a look softer and more realistic look.



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