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Learn How To Tattoo Videos "Tools of the Trade" Tattoo School

This in depth "Tools Of The Trade" video guide from our Learn How to Tattoo DVD Video will show and describe all the proper and necessary tool's you will need to perform diligently in a safe and effective tattoo environment. This video describes each tools purpose and demonstrating the proper way to get the most out them. Using your tools properly in the tattoo artistry profession is an absolute must. The knowledge you will gain is with out a doubt the cornerstone in building a long lasting and incredible tattoo lifestyle.

Learn How To Tattoo at Tattoo School "Sterilization"

This is one of the most important lessons you can learn. This tattoo video explains the use of an ultrasonic cleaner, using an autoclave, cleaning of tattoo supplies, the sterilization process, a description of tattoo supplies , clean room management skills, charting of materials, surface disinfection. learn to work in a hospital grade atmosphere. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Learn How To Tattoo at Tattoo School "Tattoo Power Supply Units"

Learn the differences between each tattoo power supply unit and how they work in detail. Learn how to set your speed, duty cycle and follow trough properly on digital tattoo power supply units!

Learn How To Tattoo "Set Up" Tattoo Scool Videos

See how to set-up a functioning tattoo area, properly disinfect all vital  surfaces of your area, And A description of different types of tools and materials needed in the tattoo industry to succeed. A lesson that you will not want to be without. lesson that you will not want to be without.

Learn How To Tattoo "how to build your own tattoo machine"

This is a must for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the tool's they use in the tattoo process. Every part and function of the tattoo machine is explained . You will see first hand how a machine goes together and understand the importance of each part and feel more confident having the knowledge to back you up when they are needed.

Learn How To Tattoo "Tattoo Machine Set & Up Tuning"

This instructional tattoo video demonstrates the proper way to set up your machine to run at its fullest potential, thus making your job, the tattoo process a lot easier. It also demonstrates the tuning of a tattoo machine, possible problems and solutions you may face, and some well kept secrets to fine tune the machine and make it run better than you could imagine.

Learn How To Tattoo "Tattoo Stencils & Line Drawings"

Learn the ins and outs of making a proper line drawing,  including the use of a light table to produce an awesome tattoo stencil.

Learn How To Tattoo "Making sterile stencil spray"

Learn how to make the secret formula to our famous non-cross contaminating sterile stencil spray!

Learn How To Tattoo "Practice with fruits, not people"

This tattoo video will demonstrate the basic concepts in practice tattooing, without harming your friends and damaging your reputation. It lets you realize the importance of getting used to holding your tattoo machine and how to practice some of the basic skills used to train you in the art of tattooing.

Tattoo School - Blood & Gray Lining Techniques

This tattoo video will teach You  the importance of understanding the uses of a bloodline and a  gray line; the techniques and the proper application of each as it is demonstrated and explained to you in a hands on video experience.

Learn How To Tattoo "Black and Gray Tattooing"

Learn the fine art of using one color to make anything come to life in a in- depth tattoo video showing you different styles of black and gray tattooing, along with many options for mixing your ink to get the perfect tint you are seeking to add to your tattoo.

Learn How To Tattoo "Tattoo Restoration"

Lets face it, there are a lot of tattoos out there that could use a face lift. This tattoo video shows you the reworking process of a tattoo; The Do's and the Don'ts of reworking a tattoo. We will show you how to add more to a tattoo and make it look better than it ever has before.

Learn How To Tattoo "Cover-Up Tattooing The Basics"

This video will show you the proper way to do a cover-up and what you need to do to create a successful cover up by demonstrating different techniques that can be used.

Learn How To Tattoo "Consent Forms & Aftercare Forms"

You will need to look at tattooing as a business and to keep a business running smooth you will need basic paperwork to make this happen. In this video we explain the importance of paperwork, offer you examples, ideas and resources for making the most of your new business. We will prepare you for some of the basic forms you will need to succeed and protect yourself with. We also explain the different types of aftercare that can be used and how they should be applied . All consent and aftercare are included with the complete set.

Learn How To Tattoo "Words & Letters"

Tattooing words and lettering is a staple in the tattoo business, watch and learn the proper way of tattooing lettering and shading in the letters with techniques used by many of the top tattooists.  Start making money right away with fast, yet viable tattoos.

Learn How To Tattoo "Color Background Shading"

The art of color shading is essential for tattooing. It allows you to blend colors uniformly and bring your tattoos to life. Color shading is the most commonly used technique in tattooing. This will help begin your journey into understanding all of the realm of possibilities you can create while tattooing.

Learn How To Tattoo "Color Background Shading #2"

This section of our "learn how to tattoo video series" shows you how to bring a tattoo to life with vibrant color background shading. From start to finish! Another essential video learning experience.

Learn How To Tattoo "Portrait Tattooing"

A portrait tattoo is something that will take years to learn to master. We will give you a head start  in the whole process by explaining the fundamentals of a portrait:  including shading options,  techniques such as needle choices, proper shading, highlighting, background shading, making a line drawing and stencil for a portrait. The entire process from start to finish.

Learn How To Tattoo "Floral Tattooing Lotus Flower"

This tattoo video demonstrates a floral tattoo from start to finish. Starting with the application of the stencil into line work, shading of the tattoo, coloring of the tattoo and highlighting.

Learn how to tattoo - color skull tattoos

This section of our "learn how to tattoo video series" shows you how to create a full color skull tattoo from applying the stencil to the finished product! There are many tips in this video including how to properly hold the skin as you tattoo your client. We also demonstrate blending shading into coloring, and the use of dramatic highlights and light source reference.

Learn how to tattoo - Advanced black & gray skull by Paul Miller

Black and gray tattooing is a style of tattooing that very few tattoo artist master, This video will help you in getting a step closer to that goal. The video has a lot of in depth tattooing being explained as it is being performed, demonstrating styles of shading, highlights, Shadows, texture and some blood lining.

Learrn how to tattoo - advanced black & gray shading

Black and Gray Background Tattooing - This video Demonstrates some Basic Black and Gray shading techniques that can be used to add a whole new look to your tattoos or pre-existing tattoos.

Learn how to tattoo - full cover-up tattoo

Cover up Tattooing 2 - In this video we will explain and show you in great detail the complete process of creating a seamless cover up tattoo.

Learn how to tattoo - bloodline portrait tattooing

Blood lined Portrait (advanced)
This is the holy grail black and gray tattooing. This video will show you the secrets of doing a blood lined portrait from start to finish, The different ways to achieve a desired look with shading. This video is a must for anyone that is considering doing portraits.

Learn How To Tattoo "Tattooing etiquette"

This tattoo video shows you the process of tattooing a women. The Do's and Don'ts of the process and some basic tattoo skills used that will keep you making money in the tattoo industry.

Learn how to tattoo - cherry blossoms

Floral tattooing is a very popular style of tattooing, in this tattoo video you will see a basic set of cherry blossoms from start to finish and some extra little tricks to make your new tattoos look more pleasing to the eye.

Learn how to tattoo - dragon head tattoo

In this tattoo you will see how to add basic textures to a black and gray tattoo with use of shading with a magnum needle to produce smooth blends and how to build up shading gradually.

Learn how to tattoo - hand skull tattoo

Tattooing hands scares a lot of tattoo artist, due to the pain and the condition of the hands skin. This video shows you the tricks to make it work and have your hand tattoos heal properly. You will witness line work, dark shading tones, smooth blending of colors, highlights and contrasting colors to be used to achieve eye popping effects.

Learn how to Tattoo - The Bride of Frankenstein

Another spot on the body that is very hard to tattoo, the neck. The video explains in a point of view video the ways to achieve great results while demonstrating basic color blending theory that will last.

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